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Info for Consultants

Current Opportunities for Work

o   Consultant Roster

o   Request for Qualifications

o   E-Plan Room

o   Sharepoint Consultant Roster (EWU Only)

A/E Selection Policy and Procedures

o   Selection Policy and Procedures

Agreement Documents (will be sent electronically)

o   C of A - A/E Agreement Long Form

o   C of A - Attachment A - Design Phase Matrix  

o   Consultant Services Not to Exceed - Short Form  

o   Consultant Services Stipulated Sum - Short Form

Invoice and Payment Forms

o   Not to Exceed Agreement Invoice

o   Stipulated Sum Agreement Invoice

o   Long Form Percent Fixed Fee Invoice

o   Instructions - Long Form Percent Fixed Fee Invoice

Design Guidelines and Product Standards

o   Design Guidelines and Construction Standards  

o   Commissioning and Start-Up  

o   Commissioning Requirements  

o   Irrigation Systems  

o   Door Hardware  

o   Space Identification and Numbering Standards  

o   Disinfection of Water Distribution Systems

o   Backflow Preventer Test Form

o   Building Control Systems

o   Building Access Controls

o   Communication Standards(Voice-Data-Video)

o   All standard specifications combined - updating file

General Contract Requirements

o   Bid Proposal

o   Instructions to Bidders

o   Bid Advertisement

o   Certificte of Insurance

o   General Conditions

o   Supplemental Conditions

o   Notice of Potential Hazards

o   Contract Modification Procedures

o   Payment Procedure_Guide Specifications

o   Temporary Facilities and Controls

o   Closeout Procedures

o   Closeout Submittals  

o   All general contract requirements combined - updating file

Project Management Tools

o   SharePoint Log-in

o   Submittal Exchange Log-in

AE Laws, Rules and Registration

o   Chapter 39.80 RCW - Contracts for AE Services

o   Department of Licensing - Architects

o   Department of Licensing - Engineers

Prevailing Wage References and Links
Washington State Labor & Industries

o   Prevailing Wage Homepage

o   Filing Intents and Affidavits

o   Verification of Intents and Affidavits

o   L&I -  Electrical Plan Review/Submittal

Construction Laws, Rules and Registration
Washington State Labor & Industries

o   Laws and Rules

o   Registration Requirements

o   Awarding Agency Responsibility

o   Title 39 RCW - Public Works Law

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