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About Facilities Services

Welcome to the Facilities Services's organizational page.  

Facilities Services delivers exterior and interior spaces that are clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasant for University patrons and visitors. With a clean, comfortable and safe campus environment the educational mission can be accomplished without interruption or distraction. Facilities Services also supports the academic mission by providing motor pool services, relocation services, solid waste disposal and material recycling.  Facilities Services is comprised of the following departments:

 Custodial, Landscape Maintenance, Transportation Services, Vehicle Maintenance, Motor Pool and Fuel Farm. 

Karen Wichman
Karen Wichman

  • Office of Sustainability
    Office of Sustainability
    Erik Budsberg
    Sustainability Coordinator
    Phone: (509) 359-6476
  • Custodial Services
    Custodial Services
    Ray Godin
    Custodial Manager

    Custodial Services is responsible for cleaning, floor care, stocking of paper products, trash collection, recycle collection, some window washing, support of special events, scheduled locking and unlocking.



    Karen Fuchs -    Custodial Supervisor - 359-6438      

    Dennis O'Neil -   Custodial Supervisor -  359-6435   

    Tim Harnois -     Custodial Supervisor  - 359-6509  





  • Landscape Maintenance
    Landscape Maintenance
    Jeff Toulou
    Landscape Maintenance Supervisor
    Phone: 359-6556

    Lansdscape maintenance is responsible for mowing, irrigation, fertilizing, leaf collection, snow removal, litter patrol, pruning of outside plants, pest control, parking lot and sidewalk maintenance, support of the trades with excavation and demolition.


    Eric Ferguson

    Landscape Maintenance Lead


  • Motor Pool and Fuel Farm
    Motor Pool and Fuel Farm
    Todd Standish
    Motor Pool Program Coordinator
    Phone: 359-2483

    The Motor Pool and Fuel Farm organization is responsible for rental and fueling of university owned fleet vehicles. 


  • Vehicle Maintenance
    Vehicle Maintenance
    Jim McNeil
    Maintenance Mechanic III
    Phone: 359-4638

    Vehicle Maintenance is responsible for repair and maintenance of University owned fleet vechicles, heavy equipment and stationary backup electrical generators.


    Buster Hill

    Maintenance Mechanic II


  • Transportation Services
    Transportation Services
    Scott Buck
    Transportation Supervisor
    Phone: 359-4835

    Transportation Services is responsible for moving, relocations, hauling, event set ups and tear downs, solid waste disposal, and material recycling.



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