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About Facilities Maintenance

Joe Swinyard, photoWelcome to the Facilities Maintenance's organizational page.  

The Facilities Maintenance organization repairs, maintains and operates the University's physical plant on campus in Cheney WA.  Facilities Maintenance is comprised of the following departments: Work Order Admin, Access Control, Water and Plumbing, HVAC, Painting and Signage, Insulation and Haz Mat Abatement, Housing Maintenance, Metals Fabrication, Energy Management, Electricity and Lighting, and Building Maintenance.

Joe Swinyard   Joe Swinyard, Director

  • Access Control
    Access Control
    Craig Opsal
    Phone: 359-6452 (To submit a work order call 2245- or see link below)

    This shop is responsible for repair and maintenance of all campus doors, associated door hardware, physical keys, and proximity cards.

    Submit an online work request for access control-  Click Here! 

    Craig WalkerMaintenance Mechanic III Lead359-4588
    Jim PendletonLocksmith359-6506
    Greg PecchiaITS II359-4587

  • Water and Plumbing
    Water and Plumbing
    Jim Butler
    Plumbing Supervisor
    This shop is responsible for repair and maintenance of all the plumbing systems, inlcuding domestic water, steam, hydronic, waste water, and storm water
    Bob HestonPlumbing Lead359-6381
    John HalseyPlumber/Pipe/Steam
    Ted TrudePlumber/Pipe/Steam
    Heather LiesekePlumber/Pipe/Steam
  • Heating and Cooling Plant
    Heating and Cooling Plant
    Kevin Beckwith
    Stationary Engineer IV
    Phone: 359-6451
    This shop is responsible for centralized production of steam and chilled water for use in heating and cooling campus buildings.  This shop also manages evening and weekend dispatching of emergency maintenance and repair.
    Kelly DouglasStationary Engineer II
    Chris HopperStationary Engineer II
    Mike CannonStationary Engineer II
    Scott ShimabukuStationary Engineer II
    Matt DeppaStationary Engineer II
    Herb FieldsStationary Engineer II
    Dan SmokeStationary Engineer II
  • Painting and Signage
    Painting and Signage
    Jesse Dasovich
    Phone: 359-6445
    This shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all interior and exterior coatings, including paints and sealants, on campus.  This shop is also responsible for production, maintenance and repair of interior and exterior signage on campus.
    Jesse EricksonSign Painter
    VacantSign Painter
    Skip BayleyPainter
    Carol GilbertPainter
    Mel DouglasPainter
    John SauerPainter
    Mark SmithPainter
    Bart DanielsonPainter

  • Insulation and Hazardous Material Abatement
    Insulation and Hazardous Material Abatement
    Bob Bossard
    This shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of insulation and hazardous material abatement on campus.
    Ryan WeikleengetMaintenance Mechanic II
    Steve AwberryMaintenance Mechanic II
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    Robert 'Gum' Carlson
    Control Technician Supervisor
    Phone: 359-6006
    This shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems on campus.
    Robert WatsonControl Technician Lead
    Tom CalderControl Technician
    Ted HuckControl Technician
    Brad JonesControl Technician
    Robert SmithControl Technician
    Bill MountMaintenance Tech II
    Tom PechaMaintenance Tech II
  • Housing Maintenance
    Housing Maintenance
    Ron Rausch
    This shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the campus residential housing facilities.
    George Barrena
    Maintenance Mechanic I
    Larry Brooks
    Maintenance Mechanic I
    Kevin Ingalls
    Maintenance Mechanic I
    218 -2975
    Rick Smith
    Maintenance Mechanic I
  • Metals Fabrication
    Metals Fabrication
    Reid Hermann
    This shop is responsible for the fabrication, repair and maintenance of metal specialty items including handrails, metal stairs, kithen equipment and sports equipment on campus.
    Michael FastMachinery Mechanic II359-6642
    Keith JankeMaintenance Mechanic II
  • Energy Management
    Energy Management
    Mark Lindsay
    This shop is responsible for the repair, maintenance and operation of heating and cooling system controls on campus.
    Tom Chasse
    Engineering Tech II
    Todd Wilsey
    FOM Specialist
  • Electricity and Lighting
    Electricity and Lighting
    Craig Opsal
    This shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the electrical system on campus, including high voltage, fire alarms, elevators and lighting.
    Jeff ChandlerElectrician Lead359-2886
    Ray HeathElevator Mechanic
    John ShivelyElectrician
    Pat RastElectrician
    Steve WilliamsElectrician
    Trent MinnierElectrician
    Stacey SingerElectrician
    Justin AlbertsElectrician
    Shannan LloydElectrician
  • Building Maintenance
    Building Maintenance
    Jim Allers
    This shop is responsible for building repairs and maintenance, including roofing, windows, doors, hardware, cabinets, walls, ceilings, and flooring.  This shop is also involved in minor building alterations and modfications, assembly of systems furniture, and fabrication of minor custom casework and cabinetry.
    Ron JamisonMaintenance Mechanic III Lead359-6374
    Jerry WaldripMaintenance Mechanic III Lead359-6446
    Sean BrownMaintenance Mechanic II
    Pat CrowleyMaintenance Mechanic II
    Kelly JackCarpenter
    Matt JonesMaintenance Mechanic II
    Jim BlairMaintenance Mechanic II/Heavy Equipment Operator
    Mark HuotMaintenance Mechanic II
    Steve AxelMaintenance Mechanic II
    Vladimir PavlenkoMaintenance Mechanic II
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