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Services to Students

Accommodations for students are determined on a case-by-case basis and may include:

  • Individual meetings with students to determine how EWU can best meet their specific goals and needs
  • Priority Registration
  • Consultation with faculty and staff re: accommodation.
  • Assistance with the acquisition of auxiliary aids such as interpreters, readers, alternative textbooks, flexible testing schedules, alternative testing methods, print enlargement, and notetakers.
  • Equipment Loans
  • Referral to outside resources and agencies.
  • Referral to on-campus programs such as Undergraduate Advising, Academic Success Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Math Lab, Writers' Center, Health Wellness & Prevention Services, Office of Disability Studies and Universal Access.
  • Assistance with career counseling and placement in cooperation with the Office of Career Planning & Placement.
  • Assistive technology is available in general computer labs, Library, Access for All, Academic Success Center and Disability Support Office.



 The Disability Support Services (DSS) program assists professors in providing alternative testing accommodations to eligible students with disabilities if the department is unable to provide the accommodation. DSS relies on student and faculty cooperation to facilitate alternative testing. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of the DSS, faculty and student. The DSS office has limited space for testing, therefore, approved students may test at the Academic Success Center (Monroe Hall). Our centers follow the same procedures. If you have any questions about the different centers, please call our office.

Eligibility Requirements

1. The student must provide DSS staff with documentation verifying the need for alternative testing.

2. A memorandum outlining the student's needs for testing will be provided for the student's professors at the beginning of each quarter. Instructors are encouraged to contact the DSS Office if they have questions/concerns.

Student Responsibilities

1. Students are responsible for contacting instructors at the beginning of the quarter to identify self and discuss arrangements for special testing needs. Because of limited space in the DSS office, please make arrangements within the class department to take test. If that is not possible, contact DSS as soon as possible.

2. Students are expected to check with the DSS Office early in the quarter if testing accommodations need to be arranged within the DSS Office.

3. Testing room availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Make sure to schedule the exam as soon as the test date is known.

4. Have their professors fill out a Test Taking Form on instructions for testing.

5. Confirm with professor the date and time. Testing hours are 8:00-4:30, schedule accordingly.

6. Please have student ID with you for your testing appointment.

7. Students must report to the DSS Office or other testing center on time for scheduled tests. As in the classroom situation, alternative testing arrangements are scheduled to end at a specific time and test times will not be extended when students report late. The DSS reserves the right to return examinations to the professor if a student is more than 15 minutes late (and has not notified the DSS of the delay).

8. Students must leave all personal items outside the testing room. Only items authorized by the professor will be allowed on the testing site. (This means no phones, headphones, etc.)

Faculty Responsibilities

1. Meet with the student to determine alternative testing options (department office vs. testing center).

2. Fill out the Test Taking Form with instructions for the proctoring office. Clearly indicate the date and time the exam is to be administered.

3. Send a copy of the exam via email or hand deliver.

DSS Responsibilities

1. The DSS will facilitate the accommodations needed to meet each student's need.

2. The DSS is responsible for protecting the integrity of the examination process.

• Follow the professors requests, exactly as instructed
• Make sure students don't have any extra items in testing room
• Record start and end time of exam
• Provide a quiet and respectful place to take the exam, with minimal distractions
• Return exam to the professors unless other arrangements have been made

4. The DSS and other testing centers will keep a file with all test taking forms


Academic Honesty

EWU expects the highest standards of academic integrity of its students. Academic honesty is the foundation of a fair and supportive learning environment for all students. Personal responsibility for academic performance is essential for equitable assessment of student accomplishments. The university supports the faculty in setting and maintaining standards of academic integrity.






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