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Student Testing With DSS

Faculty, are you looking for our testing proctor form? It can be found here.

Test Services

Student Eligibility

For the convenience of instructors, Disability Support Services offers test  services to their students with disabilities, who are eligible for test modifications. 

Disability Services recommends that instructors log into DSS Sharepoint site for verification of the right to reasonable modifications before they agree to provide test modifications. Disability Support Services provides SharePoint access to faculty for this purpose. 

Testing facilities in Disability Services

Hours of Operations: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 
If exams are scheduled outside of our testing hours, students with disabilities need contact the instructor to discuss alternative arrangements. If students need to test at the EWU Spokane campus, the student will need to schedule with the EWU student services office to take that exam.

During Finals Week, our office schedules exams in block sessions.  The first exam block is scheduled to start testing at 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  The second block is scheduled to start 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  The reason for this block scheduling is to accommodate as many students as possible. 

Security: Disability Services understands the academic rigors and safety measure that instructors undertake in administrating their exams. We take test security very seriously.  We have a monitored testing room, along with a computer-monitoring program.

Testing Rooms: We have limited testing space.  Our office has a total of 7 testing stations, at times when we are overloaded with requests, we may utilize other locations with in the office for students to test.  By announcing you exams in class as early as possible, it allows students to schedule with our office.  Our office is on a first come first served basis, so scheduling early is important. Also, please note, during finals week we utilze block scheduling as described above.

Faculty Responsibilities

1. Meet with the student to determine alternative testing options (department office vs. testing center).

2. Fill out the Test Taking Form with instructions for the proctoring office. Clearly indicate the date and time the exam is to be administered.

3. Send a copy of the exam via email or hand deliver.

Student Responsibilities

1. Students are responsible for contacting instructors at the beginning of the quarter to identify self and discuss arrangements for special testing needs. Because of limited space in the DSS office, if it is possible make arrangements within the department to take test and the student does not have the specific request to test at the DSS center, please make those arrangements. If that is not possible, have the student contact DSS as soon as possible.

2. Students are expected to check with the DSS Office early in the quarter if testing accommodations need to be arranged within the DSS Office.

3. Testing room availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Make sure to schedule the exam as soon as the test date is known.

4. Have their professors fill out a Test Taking Form on instructions for testing.

5. Confirm with professor the date and time. Testing hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, schedule accordingly.

6. Please have student ID with you for your testing appointment.

7. Students must report to the DSS Office on time for scheduled tests. As in the classroom situation, alternative testing arrangements are scheduled to end at a specific time and test times will not be extended when students report late. The DSS reserves the right to return examinations to the professor if a student is more than 15 minutes late (and has not notified the DSS of the delay).

8. Students must leave all personal items outside the testing room. Only items authorized by the professor will be allowed on the testing site. (This means no phones, headphones, etc.)

DSS Responsibilities

1. The DSS will facilitate the accommodations needed to meet each student's need.

2. The DSS is responsible for protecting the integrity of the examination process.

3· Follow the professors requests, exactly as instructed

4· Make sure students don't have any extra items in testing room

5· Record start and end time of exam

6· Provide a quiet and respectful place to take the exam, with minimal distractions

 7.Return exam to the professors unless other arrangements have been made

 8.The DSS will keep a file with all test taking forms

Academic Dishonesty: Any student observed using any unauthorized materials or resource during an exam will be reported to the instructor. Disability Services has the right to stop an exam at any time if academic dishonesty is witnessed. Academic misconduct is subject to an academic penalty by the instructor and/or a disciplinary sanction by Eastern Washington University by the Student Conduct Code.  

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