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Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)

The Commute Trip Reduction Program (CTR) is a state wide effort to reduce air pollution generated by automobiles by cutting down the number of automobiles being driven to work with only one person in them (single occupancy vehicle). At Eastern Washington University, we were mandated to reduce by 35% our number of single occupancy vehicles and traveled miles in 2005.

Awards and Recognitions for Encouraging Employees to use Alternative Transportation

In January of 2006, the EWU CTR Office was presented a Certificate of Recognition for their efforts to obtain that goal.

In 2010, our Employee Transportation Coordinator Edward McIntire was awarded the Governor's Champion Leadership Award in CTR.

In 2011, EWU was awarded the Pinnacle Award from Spokane County for its efforts in Commute Trip Reduction.

The Many Commute Options for EWU Employees


Carpooling with a spouse, friend or co-worker is a great alternative to driving alone. Carpooling is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to share the ride. Not only do you have someone to chat with during the drive, you can save money by sharing the cost of gas.

STA BusTransit - Bus

Timely, comfortable and affordable, riding the bus is a great way to commute. It allows you to catch up on the important aspects of your life that you just can't do when you drive alone, like reading a book or the newspaper, making a grocery list, playing solitaire on your laptop or just catching up on your sleep.

Bicycle - Walk

Instead of sitting in a car or bus each morning, consider hopping on a bicycle and peddling to work. Bicycling and other non-motorized commute modes, such as walking or jogging, not only get you out of traffic, they also help you improve your health. If you only want to bicycle or walk one way, try riding the bus the other. All STA busses are equipped with bike racks.

Spokane County Regional Bicycle Map and Revised Map  

Why Trip Reduction is Important Eastern Washington University?

  • Improves Cheney and Spokane County’s air quality
  • Enhances quality of life
  • Reduces impact of increased traffic on infrastructure
  • Enhances mobility and economic vitality

What are the Benefits to Using Commute Alternatives?

  • The community benefits with fewer cars on the road and less congestion.
  • The environment benefits with less automobile exhaust and greenhouse gases.
  • Reduce stress and arrive at work feeling more relaxed.
  • It is possible to cut your commuting costs by 50% or more.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your automobile, and possibly get discounts on your auto insurance by leaving your car at home.
  • Enjoy the scenery, read the newspaper or listen to your favorite music while someone else drives.
  • STA currently provides Wireless Internet service on articulated (accordion) buses.
  • Reduce the amount of pollutants you put in the air - even ridesharing just once a week can reduce the amount of carbon monoxide released into the air by 20%.
  • Meet new & interesting people by joining a carpool, vanpool or riding the bus.
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle buy getting in your daily exercise -- jog, walk or bike to work.
  • Random drawings for monthly incentives!

What benefits/incentives does the EWU CTR program offer?

At Eastern we have monthly, quarterly, and annual winners! By completing your calendar at, each month you have the chance to win smoothie coupons, bookstore gift cards, a TOY-gift of your choice, daily parking passes, and a chance to be the star of the month.

In addition, each quarter you have the chance to win the highest participation award for biking/carpooling/busing/walking.

There is even a prize at the end of the year for the highest participation overall.

When you register for the CTR program, or reactivate your account or recruit a friend to CTR you will get a bonus beverage coupon!

Spokane County also has monthly incentive drawings, awards and events that you are automatically entered into when you complete your registration form and monthly calendar.

Sign up today at!

Thank you for your participation!
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