Setting up an Internship

Below are the following steps that you need to take in order to set up your internship.  Click here to download the walkthrough document for the Spokane Area.  Click here for the Seattle Area.


Log onto EagleAXIS

EaglesAXIS is a fantastic way to manage your career objectives.  by utilizing the program effectively, you can use EagleAXIS to make appointments with us,  navigate internship postings, resume/cover letter preparation, apply for on-campus recruiting opportunities, and register for professional networking opportunities.


Find an Internship Site

Some companies may already have an internship program that you can apply to, so don't hesitate to contact them directly and ask them if they have any available.  Another way to find an internship is to search many of the online search engines.  Some of the popular search engines are: 

Looking to Intern with a Non-Profit Organizations

For a great list of non-profit organizations, you can go to the United Way Spokane website or the American Red CrossThe Fig Tree has a Community Resource Directory that has a list of organizations that you can contact.

For Seattle-based job sites, you can go to, or 

The Puget Sound Journal of Business is a good place to get familiar with the business in many of the major cities, and can be used as sort of a contact list for finding these companies.  We have copies in our office if you want to read them.

Search for networking opportunties in your area.

80% of jobs are never uploaded to search engines, so it's good to always to network and search for ways to meet people in other capacities.  For Spokane, a good way to find out about events is to go to the Spokane Convention Center's events page and look through their upcoming events,  or go to Eventbrite to see thier list as well.  For Google, I usually like to type "Spokane Conferences" and see what comes up.  Often times, adding your major into that search box can get you events related to your fields.


Complete your Internship Learning Contract

Once you have established a site that you would like to intern at, you will need to begin the process of academically securing your internship.

  1. Contact your Faculty internship Advisor to make sure you have all necessary information.
  2. Fill out the Learning Contract with the site supervisor at your internship site.
  3. Returned the signed learning contract to Career Services.

Get Enrolled for Credit

Internships cannot be done without enrolling for credit. so in order to finalize the process you need to:

  1. Register for credit with by filling out your portion of the Special Course Approval/Registration Form.
  2. Give the form to your faculty internship advisor to sign off on.

(Based on an 8 to 10-week period)

1 credit   = 4 hours per week   = 32-40 hours per quarter
2 credits = 8 hours per week   = 64-80 hours per quarter
3 credits = 12 hours per week = 96-120 hours per quarter
4 credits = 16 hours per week = 128-160 hours per quarter
5 credits = 20 hours per week = 160-200 hours per quarter


    Turn in your Evaluations at the specified times

    As a part of your grade, you will be evaluated on your internship performanceAt both the mid-term and final week period, you will turn in your evaluations to Career Services.  The evaluations are included in your packet.  (see below for deadlines).


    Deadlines for the 2013-2014 School Year

    Fall Quarter 2013                                   Winter Quarter 2014

    Learning Contract - 10-18-13               Learning Contract - 1-31-14

    Midterm Evaluation - 10-25-13             Midterm Evaluation - 2-07-14

    Final Evaluation - 11-29-13                   Final Evaluation - 3-07-14

    Site Evaluation - end of quarter            Site Evaluation - end of quarter

    Spring Quarter 2014                              Summer Quarter 2014

    Learning Contract - 4-18-14                  Learning Contract - 7-07-14

    Midterm Evaluation - 4-25-14              Midterm Evaluation - 7-14-14

    Final Evaluation - 5-30-14                    Final Evaluation - 7-31-14

    Site Evaluation - end of quarter            Site Evaluation - end of quarter


    Romeal Watson is the Internship coordinator and is your main internship lead. His responsibility is to process your internship paperwork, and keep an archive of your internship. However, it is important to understand that each college has a Career Services Advisor assigned to them. These Advisors will have more in depth knowledge as to what you may be looking for regarding your internship and career. Please contact Romeal Watson to be connected with the career advisor that specializes in your discipline.


    If you are new to this process and are unsure about what career path you are interested in, you should make an appointment with a career advisor to explore career options. Do this by logging into EagleAXIS and selecting "Make a Career Advising Appointment" from the main page. We trust that your internship will be rewarding and enlightening. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

    Have fun with your internship experience,


    Career Services Staff



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