Career Planning Courses

CRSV 210: Career Development

Offered fall, winter, and spring quarters, this two-credit course is an introduction to career decision-making. CRSV provides the opportunity for students to connect to career-related resources and to closely examine their own personal career choice. This course is best-suited for students exploring major declaration or who are not sure where they'd like to take their education after graduation.

Sample course topics include:

  • Personality and interest assessments
  • Careers and majors research
  • Informational interviews
  • Visiting academic departments
  • Presentations by local and regional employers
  • Creating a career timeline and goal setting
  • Identifying career strengths and abilities

Sample syllabus can be found here.

CRSV 298: Career Preparation Seminar

Offered winter and spring quarters, this two-credit course is a chance to explore your chosen field, determine that field's fit with your skills and personality, and develop the tools to be ready for that career in a competitive world. This course is best-suited for students who are relatively set on their major or career track and who want to develop further knowledge and skills in career development in that area.

Sample course topics and syllabus to come.

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