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Career Services staff are available to present workshops to classes, clubs, and living learning communities. Depending on the topic, workshops can range between 15 and 90 minutes and are usable in lecture, workshop, or collaborative work formats. Workshops can also be tailored to a major or class-specific goal or combined for maximum effectiveness for your class.

We encourage class participation in our Wednesday Workshops, career fairs, and all Career Services-sponsored events. We appreciate any constructive feedback that can help us improve our events and the services we provide for the career development of students and alumni.

Contact Career Services at 509-359-6365 or careers@ewu.edu to find out more about workshops or class presentations.

Presentation/Workshop Topics

Resume Workshop
Students' resume is the first impression they make on potential employers. Make it a good one! Learn how to build and edit a resume, using existing education and experience to maximize effectiveness in the job market.

Federal Jobs
Career Planning staff will walk students and alumni through the types of jobs and internships available in the federal government for all majors, application procedures, and federal resumes. Federal government positions are expanding and the application process is arduous, so help in the process is invaluable.

Professional Communication
First impressions start before you meet with a potential employer or colleague in-person. Career Services will review the expectations of written and verbal communication in professional contexts, including email, phone, letters, and online social-media communication. Applicable to networking and job searches.

Professional Etiquette
Are you sure that your students can go to a business dinner in a five-star restaurant or a networking event and do everything right? Here is their chance to learn how to eat comfortably with all the utensils on the table or at a cocktail party.

Job Search
Are your students In the market for a job to get them through college? Wondering how to jump start their career after graduation? Learn tools and tips for the most effective job search.

Career Fairs Preparation 
Are your students planning on attending a career fair soon, hoping to talk to prospective employers? Find out how to get the most out of a career fair - what to wear, what to bring, what to say. Your students, too, could get a job from attending one, so help them know what they're doing.

Making Your Experience Count
Fast food, lifeguarding, retail, lawn care … do these sound familiar? If so, come learn how to focus on the transferable skills and make your students' experience count. This workshop will focus on highlighting and discovering skills from all of your previous experiences that will help you market yourself in resumes and interviews.

Life After Graduation
Students graduating soon? Not sure where to go next or what their options are? Career Services staff will outline a variety of options for life after graduation, including entry-level jobs, graduate school, and international and domestic service options.

Volunteering As Career Development
Community service is more than giving time and skills to the community - it is also a chance for students to develop professional skills and networks. Find out more about volunteering, community development, local agency options, and the benefits of volunteering in students' career development.

Career Preparation for Educators
Career Services staff will present information about interviewing, resumes, and career searching in the education field.

Graduate School Basics and Curriculum Vitae
More students are considering post-graduate education and often do not know the steps, the materials, or the proccess for application. Career Services provides a basic overview of applications for graduate and professional post-grad education, tailored to the specific field.

"Green" Jobs 101
Heard the term "green jobs" before, but don't really know what they're all about? Come and learn how you can find a career that's beneficial for both you and the earth! An overview of growing green jobs, resources, and what programs at EWU lend themselves well to working in the green arena will be explored.

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