TRiO Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is one of many TRiO programs at over 900 colleges and universities nationwide.  The SSS program provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to support students towards the successful completion of their college education. The goal of SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and facilitate the process of transition from one level of higher education to the next.

Services provided by the program include:

  • Instruction in college level academic success skills
  • Tutorial services
  • Personalized academic and/or financial counseling
  • Information about degree and career options
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Special services for students with limited English proficiency
  • Assistance in securing admission and financial aid for enrollment in graduate and professional programs
  • FAFSA and scholarship assistance
  • Direct financial assistance (grant aid) to current SSS participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grants
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