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Lab & Office Facilities

AHS personnel have access to excellent University facilities for research purposes. Among those resources are the John F. Kennedy Library, an extensive map library of the Pacific Northwest (containing all USGS series maps), cartographic and photographic facilities, archive and curation facilities, and ample office and laboratory space. In addition, AHS has excellent computer capabilities, including word processing, graphics, desktop publishing, cataloging programs, and statistical and spreadsheet packages.

AHS uses the EWU Geographic Information Systems (GIS) laboratory supporting both educational and production-quality GIS activities. The lab has both UNIX (Solaris) and NT (server and workstation) platform with a full suite of ESRI software, including ARC/INFO, ArcView, PC Arc/Info, MapObjects, and ArcIMS. Additional hardware capabilities enable a variety of input and output options, including both desktop and large-scale digitizers, scanners, and E-sized plotters. AHS staff consult with experts in other disciplines within the University, including geography, geology, biology, soils, Native American studies, urban and regional planning, and history. Among the special studies available to AHS clients at the University are granulometric, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), weight-loss on ignition, X-ray fluorescence, petrographic, atomic absorption, and microprobe analyses.

AHS furnishes all materials, supplies, tools, equipment, personnel, and office, laboratory, and temporary curation space for all project requirements regarding cultural resource management work.

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