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Data Recovery

When resource avoidance and/or protection in place are not possible, data recovery excavation is a form of site mitigation. Our experienced staff has designed and conducted data recovery projects in the Columbia Plateau, Great Basin, and the Northwest Coast at a variety of prehistoric and historic site types.

Selected AHS data recovery projects include:

  • Data Recovery Excavations at Archaeological Site 45KI717, King County, Washington: a Post-Osceola Mudflow Occupation on the Enumclaw Plateau
  • Data Recovery Excavations at Sites 45DO182 and 45DO695 for the Washington State Department of Transportation's SR 28: East End of George Sellar Bridge Project, Douglas County, Washington
  • Data Recovery Excavations at Site 10AM81, Council-Cuprum Road, Adams County, Idaho.
  • Data Recovery Excavations at Site 10AM76, Council-Cuprum Road, Adams County, Idaho.
  • Archaeological Investigations of 45SJ165 and 45SJ169, Decatur Island, San Juan County, Washington.
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