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*Deadline to submit: midnight December 31, 2016

Course/Program Approval forms for the 2017-18 catalog must be submitted by the deadline.

In order to facilitate a smoother CPAC process, please meet with Heather Veeder prior to filling out your CPAC forms. Heather will guide you through the online submission and approval process. She can be reached at 509.359.6814 or

CPAC reviews new and existing courses, majors and programs. Recommendations are then made to the UAC for approval or non-approval.

We will be continuing use of the electronic submission forms. If you have any questions about the information required for submission, please contact Heather Veeder for assistance at or  509.359.6814. You may also contact CJ Tyler Watson at or 509.359.7477.

New Course/Course Revision

New Program/Program Revision

CIM Approvals

When using CIM, the * can be used as the wildcard for searching for courses and programs.  If you are unable to find your program, please contact Heather Veeder at or 509.359.6814

Supporting documents:

CPAC Curriculm Change Handbook

Fee request form

Modes of Instruction (MOI)

Request to Un-bank a Course

The Essential Syllabus_sample statements


CPAC Constitution

General Education Goals and Objectives






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